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Hello World!

So, just wanted you to know, the Cabot Trail is the most amazing, fantastic and adventurous spot in the world. How can i say this? I live on the Cabot Trail, so I have first hand experience.  Not that I am biased or would not give other places a chance but I just wanted you to know. My oldest has traveled extensively and lives in Europe and still comes home every year to hike the Sky Line and camp on the Cabot Trail with her family so that has to account for something!  Not many places can you camp on the island and fall asleep to the sound the of the ocean waves. Get up in the morning, swim in that same ocean and hear the whales as you dive into the water. Amazing I tell you.

But what is better is that on this Famous Cabot Trail is a little well known Cafe called the “Dancing Goat”. It has the best homemade bread, scones and biscuits in the world.  They are baked fresh every day.  I live close by and let me tell you it is called a “bit of heaven on earth”.  If you want a monstrous sandwich or the tastiest soup going, stop in. If you want a homemade square, big enough for two, stop in.  I challenge you to stop in and have a lunch of a full sandwich, soup and dessert and let us know how you feel.  This year he opened a bigger place and serves up the best breakfast sandwich man/woman can eat.

Oh but the Cabot Trail has so many delights, surprises and adventures. You just can’t imagine! We will fill you in as our summer continues. But you will have to keep checking back to find out more.


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