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What to do after working a wonderful shift sharing your ideas with guests? Do what you tell them to do, hit the beach for peace and tranquility. Yes, go for sand, salt water and fresh air.
Off we went to Margaree Harbour Beach with our youngest, our Spike (dog) and I for an evening of relaxation. You can’t imagine walking in the cool sand, watching the waves roll in and finding the neatest looking driftwood. Great shaped looking rocks to climb. A sun set that is worth more than one can put into words.

Our daughter and dog having a great time on the beach. Not too many places can you go with your dog and have play time and no one else in the world bothers you.

The rock formation at Margaree Harbour is so much fun to climb. You have to try this but be careful.

This is one of Spike in the water. A dog can love splashing in the water as much as we can.

This is such a neat shot of our cheerleader loving the beach!

Driftwood on Margaree Harbour beach. This is so neat. It has a rock completely embedded in it! I mean that it was not coming out!!! It was so neat. The drift wood was so soft as well.

Come to our Cabot Trail and enjoy the beaches. This is one of many you must try. It was my place of peace and tranquility on this wonderful evening.


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some friends of ours at the Dancing Goat!

Welcome to our Blog! We all work at the Silver Dart Lodge and MacNeil House Suites in beautiful Baddeck Cape Breton. We love the Cabot Trail and our amazing Island and we have lots of personal stories to share. Every spring we take a day (sometimes more) and tour around the Cabot Trail as a group to experience all the wonderful things there are to see and do along the way. As hotel staff we feel it is essential to have that first-hand knowledge to be able to pass on to our guests.  We tend to spend the sunny days off exploring on our own….just for the fun of it!  Some of my exploring goals this summer include whale watching, Puffin boat tours, and Two Rivers Wildlife Park.

We have lots of laughs along the way and have taken some great shots of the scenery, the wildlife (including ourselves!) and the people we meet at the shops, museums and restaurants. For our first post I want to talk about the most amazing little bakery/deli that I have ever come across. This place serves wonderful homemade soups, breads, scones, muffins, cheesecakes (ok I am starting to drool a bit here) and sandwiches. You may laugh when I tell you the name…. It’s called The Dancing Goat! They have a cute little teddy-goat in their store and they have done so well over the past few years that they had to build a new shop.

My first time at the Dancing Goat was last summer. Now, I’m a mango-fanatic and I also love chicken. Merv (the owner-operator of the Dancing Goat) makes a chicken sandwich with romaine lettuce, tomato, fresh cheese, and a tarragon mayo. He also makes a Roast Beef sandwich with a mango chutney. So what I did was order the chicken sandwich…but with the mango chutney instead of the tarragon mayo. I instantly fell in love! This was an amazing combo. That day’s soup was a cream of potato and fennel soup, which sounded awesome, so I ordered the soup and a whole sandwich….wow…. If I had known how big their sandwiches were I would have went with the half-sandwich offered on the menu!! I swear it was as big as my head! But being a foodie and a lover of all things tasty I trudged through and ate every last crumb/drop! I was unfortunately to full to eat dessert at that time – but I couldn’t leave the lemon-poppyseed cheesecake there! It looked so lonely… I took a piece home with me and had it with supper that night. I had always thought that chocolate turtle cheesecake was the ultimate cheesecake… and after eating that lemon-poppyseed cheesecake from the Dancing Goat I stand corrected!

She's having a snack on the steps

If you’re driving through the Margaree area I highly recommend a stop at the Dancing Goat. They’re fairly easy to find and definitely worth the stop! Sometimes, when I’m having a craving for some of Merv’s great sandwiches I ask Hilda to stop on her way to work to bring me a treat….maybe I’ll give her a call now and place an order for tomorrow!

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